How To Chose A Tutor

Choosing a tutor may sound simple.  Just google some key words and then find the person who teaches the topics you need help with.

However getting the tutor that is right for you is not so simple.

First you need to find out how much experience the tutor has in the subject areas you are going to study. For example, if you need help with courses that involve real estate or contract law, see if the person has been practicing in those areas and knows the subject well. Or if you need help with preparing for the Bar Exam, you need to find out if the tutor has been a practicing lawyer for at least five years, and has knowledge of the areas you need help with.

Second, you need to speak with the tutor to find out if you feel comfortable with him/her. It is really important to have a good comfort level with the person so that you can ask questions without feeling intimidated. You should also feel at ease  discussing issues that may not  be related to law. For example, I have had many students who are nervous about taking the Bar Exam and they share those feelings with me. I in turn can offer a compassionate ear and do my best to alleviate some of the anxiety that may potentially interfere with their performance.

A tutor is not just a teacher. He/she is given a very important task of imparting knowledge as well as helping the student achieve his/her highest potential. The tutor must have compassion, great listening skills, and be empathetic to the plight of the student.

As I said in a previous post, a great deal of success in law exams and course work depends on being mentally prepared. Anxiety, fear, and low self esteem have the potential to create an invisible barrier that may prevent getting the results you want. Having the right tutor, will lift this invisible barrier, which in turn will make learning the materials much easier.