1. I have been Tania Perlin’s client for over 5 years.

What I appreciate most, is that when I need to speak to her, she is available either right away, or within a few hours.

I am able to consult with her prior to making the next step in my business, and therefore, I have avoided several conflicts as a result.

Ms. Perlin has prepared various shareholders agreements for me, including incorporating several companies.

I was very pleased with her high level of professionalism and expertise. She sees potential problems which I could not have possibly foreseen, which helps in the preparation of more solid and effective contracts.

I would highly recommend her to others.


2. I came to Ms. Perlin after having difficulty with previous lawyers in real estate transactions.

I was pleasantly surprised that she explained her fees and the type of work she would do for me, right away.

With previous lawyers, I was never told the process that would be followed in a real estate transaction. I hardly communicated with the lawyer, until several days before closing.

Ms. Perlin however, guided me every step of the way. At our first meeting, she told me what I was to expect, the legal fees and disbursements that would be charged, when approximately I would get the keys, so that I did not reserve my moving truck too early.

Until closing, Ms. Perlin communicated with me as to the status of the file. Mortgage instructions were confirmed with me, I was reminded to transfer my insurance from the old house to the new, as well as given all pertinent phone numbers for taxes, and utilities so that I can contact them to set up accounts.

I was very pleased with the service I received, and have already referred several friends to Ms. Perlin.