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Our firm offers a unique, legal service experience.

We are committed to offering you personal, individual service, which is catered to your specific needs.

From the first time, you call, you will notice that you are able to speak directly to a lawyer, and not to an assistant.

We understand that your time is valuable. That is why, in the event a lawyer is not available to speak to you, your call is returned within a few hours at the most. You will no longer have to wait by the phone for a few days, leaving numerous messages, in order to finally speak to a lawyer.

Let's face it, when you hire a lawyer, you want to be able to communicate with her directly.

Another reason that our law firm is so unique, is the concept of personal service provided to each client on an individual basis. You will not be shuffled between assistants, but deal directly with Tania Perlin. Any problems or concerns, are promptly responded to, in order to avoid anxiety and potential problems for you.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service, while making you feel comfortable and at ease. We want you to feel free to call us any time with any concerns that you may have regarding your matter. No questions is too simple to ask if you are concerned.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. Therefore, any work that we do for you is given the utmost attention and priority.

In today’s busy world, it is also very important to find your answer right away. That is why, we have developed a network of highly experienced lawyers, practicing in areas of litigation, motor vehicle accidents, patent/trademarks, medical malpractice, family law, and other areas. In the event, we cannot help you, we will immediately put you in contact with a highly competent lawyer, who will be able to address your concerns.

Your one stop legal services firm is here. Welcome to the law firm of the 21st century, where YOU are number ONE.


The law firm of Tania Perlin, is pleased to offer you services in the following areas of law:

a) REAL ESTATE: In order to buy or sell your home, you will require a lawyer. We will help you to complete your purchase or sale, and try to make the experience as pleasant and simple as possible. Tania Perlin and her experienced staff will be on hand to guide you through the maze of information, and lead you to the finish line with ease and comfort.

b) MORTGAGES: Most people require mortgage financing in order to purchase a home. Once you have arranged the mortgage with a particular bank or financial institution, we will complete the mortgage documentation so that funds will be available for the closing date.

c) RE-FINANCING: There are times, when you may want to simply re-finance your home, either because your mortgage is maturing or just because of attractive interest rates. We will help you to finalize the re-financing so that you will have the necessary funds when required.

d) INCORPORATIONS: When you decide to incorporate a company, we will be on hand to set it up, prepare the minute book, and ensure that your company will be ready to function. There are numerous factors that you must take into consideration when incorporating, such as share structure, tax consequences, etc. Therefore, it is highly recommended to speak to a lawyer prior to commencing the incorporation.

e) PURCHASE AND SALE OF BUSINESSES: When purchasing or selling a business, a lawyer is required in order to complete the transaction. We will prepare the offer, as well as all the documentation, required to help you sell or purchase the business.

We will also review and negotiate the lease with the Landlord, as well as review any other pertinent contracts such as employment, in order to protect your rights.

Remember, just like with a purchase of a home, there are numerous searches which must be conducted in order to ensure that you are purchasing a business without liabilities, loans, or any other potential problems.

If you are selling, a lawyer, will help to protect your rights, so that you will not unknowingly remain responsible for a business which is no longer yours. Therefore, a lawyer is an essential part of the purchase and sale transaction.

f) FRANCHISING: If you are buying or selling a franchise, you will need a lawyer to review the franchise agreement, as well as the lease with the landlord.

In addition, the lawyer, will have to do the same work as for the purchase and sale of a business, since not only are your dealing with the Franchisor, but also with the Vendor of the Franchise.

This is a complex matter that requires the expertise and advice of a competent lawyer.

g) WILLS AND ESTATES: We all know the importance of having a complete and up to date package of wills and powers of attorneys. In the event you do not have these, someone else will make the decision as to how your belongings are distributed, and who will take care of your children.

In order to avoid any confusion and potential problems, we will prepare proper legal wills and powers of attorneys so that your estate is taken care of in accordance with only YOUR instructions.

h) CONTRACTS: Most of you know, that any contract, must be reviewed by a lawyer.

Many people have signed contracts which they do not understand, or just forgot to make a contract when entering into a business venture, and then were faced with severe consequences when problems arose.

We have all heard of partners entering a business with a hand shake, and neglecting to hire a lawyer, since they felt it was “too expensive”. Unfortunately, the partnership began to deteriorate, and finally the two partners, were no longer friends. Each placed specific demands in order to get out of the partnership. A dispute arose immediately, since they did not have a partnership agreement to guide them thought difficult times. The dispute may then result in long and costly litigation which could have been avoided by hiring a lawyer to prepare a partnership agreement.

In order to avoid costly litigation and unnecessary disputes, we will prepare and/or review any type of contract including shareholders, partnership agreements; employment contracts; lease and franchise agreements; distribution, supplier contract. The legal fees for the preparation of the contract will be considerably less than litigation that may result due to lack of it.


As you can see the law firm of Tania Perlin, offers services in diverse areas of law. Remember, it is always better to hire a competent lawyer right away, than try to do something yourself, and then pay much more to fix the resulting problems.

Remember, most legal disputes are preventable. So call us first, to protect your rights.