Tania Perlin has been conducting public speaking seminars since 1994.

In our day and age it is very important to be able to communicate your thoughts clearly and easily, whether you are speaking to a co-worker, a boss, an employee, or a group of co-workers, superiors, or employees.

Most of us are called upon to make presentations or speeches as part of our employment duties. Those of us who have their own businesses, must make presentations to customers, and negotiate with suppliers.

The world is full of public speaking engagements. Be prepared for yours.

It is a known fact that most individuals have difficulty in presenting in front of groups of people. They find they are nervous and unable to coherently say the thoughts that were so fluent in the privacy of their homes.

Tania Perlin will show you various techniques to alleviate the anxiety that stands between you and that great presentation.

You will learn:
a) to express your thoughts in a succinct and coherent manner.
b) to make memorable presentations with ease and fluency, while enjoying the actual process.
c) to reduce anxiety before and during the presentation
d) to answer questions competently and clearly
e) to use the full potential of your voice so that you can be heard without the use of a microphone in a board room.
f) To negotiate more productively in any situation, by increasing your communication and listening abilities.